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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Five more DNFs on another urban foray

A while ago in the Forums, there were many threads about Micro Spew™. In some parts of the country, this started occurring a couple of years ago. Around here, it didn't really start until last year when all those caches placed in Santee became known as S.C.U.M — Santee Crappy Urban Micros.

It looks like that "infection" had now spread into other areas.

The other night, duganrm and I attacked several newly-placed urban caches. As we located those caches, we remarked that there was no reason for the cache placement — no view, no little park, no point of interest, and for some of them, there wasn't even a legal place to park nearby. It seemed the only reason for the cache was for someone to get another FTF, and for other cachers to get a smilie.

After my last disappointing solo urban caching "adventure," you would think I learned something about the kind of caches to look for, but I didn't.

Well, actually I did, but there isn't an Attribute for "Alley" or "CITO Needed" that I can filter out in my PQs yet . . .

So, when I was in town yesterday to finally get the groceries I started to shop for last Tuesday, and again on Thursday, I stopped to look for a few caches along my route. The first one. "Music You Get Lost In x3," was easy, and creating the log for it later, was fun.

The next cache was behind a small shopping center and had no purpose I could understand. I logged a DNF after glancing at the hiding place near gas pipes and meters, and electrical boxes.

The next cache had a reason for its placement, but it had been hidden in a terrible area. I didn't read the Past Logs until I arrived in the parking lot. When one of our long-time cachers, and other respected cachers, write about the bad cache location in their logs, I should know to not to even get out of my car, but I did. The area is badly in need of CITO. After a very brief search, I decided to log a DNF.

Not every cache needs to be found . . .

Only two of the next six caches I looked for had a "purpose," but I only found one of them . . .

So, I added five more caches to "My As-Yet-Still-Unfound-DNFs" Bookmark List last night. Part of the description of that list says:
. . . Since I believe Geocaching is for taking me to places I didn't know about before, I probably won't return to find these . . .

I know other people view the "game" of Geocaching differently, but I think caching should take me to a location worthy of visiting. And, once I get there, I want to be able to find the cache. That is the fun of caching for me.

Gas is much too expensive now to have to return to a location, and it is much too expensive to visit some of these locations the first time . . .

I just wish I knew how to filter out "lame" or "Another FTF opportunity" or "Smilie Only" cache purposes, before driving to the location . . .


  • I like to find new interesting places when I Cache. Thank you for voicing some ideas that have been formimg in the back of my mind.

    By Blogger Dan, at 2:47 AM  

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