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Monday, August 21, 2006

A new cacher here sure knows how to put on an Event

Sunday afternoon I drove into La Mesa to the Coffee Cache and Dash Event put on by redstareg, who is a new cacher. I met him the night we hiked up El Cajon mountain, and then had a great time with him and GoBolts! in San Diego about 10 days ago. I knew he was a nice guy, but didn't know he had such great organizational skills.

The Event was held at a little coffee shop on La Mesa Blvd and our group packed the place, the outside patio, and the sidewalk area, until many of us headed off in search of some caches located nearby. It was a competion to see who could get to a final cache first, and second, and third.

The team of GoBolts!, Duncan!, Chuy!, and Tigger's Mango was first and SlabyFam, rscaensd and PassingWind were in the Second to Find group. The prizes, which included a FTF of $60 cash, a FTF Certificate, and a Geocaching T-shirt, STF of $20 cash, a One-Year subscription to Backpacker Magazine, and a T-shirt, and TTF of $20 cash and a T-shirt were definitely worth compteting for, but our group which included "lostguy", duganrm, The Fat Cats, Blonds Run Amuck, and Let's Look Over Thayer, as well as others at different times, was just out for a stroll through town.

The entire Event experience was really fun. My congratulations to redstareg for doing such a great job, as well as to Robyn of Team Reid who also helped on the scene.

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After the Event, I teamed up with duganrm again (he likes the fact that my GPSr can auto-route us through town to the urban caches while his can't . . . ). We caught up with Devhead and The Dillon Gang and found a few caches together. Then Devhead left and once again it was duganrm, The Dillon Gang, and me. We cleaned up some of my DNFs from the other day, caches I wouldn't have returned to on my own, and took The Dillon Gang to the neat Pathfinder and Snoopy caches in Briercrest Park. I think one of those was his 2000th cache.

Before the night was over, I had accrued 20 more "smilies" and was only six away from my 1900-cache Milestone. Who said numbers don't matter . . .


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