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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Forty-one caches in one day . . . Wheeuu!

The Dillon Gang was nearing his 2000 Cache Milestone, so he wanted to find a lot of caches in one day. We started out in Balboa Park to do a wonderfully-fun Puzzle cache, "Yellow Bird" by Snake and Rooster, which incorporates objects in that part of the park, such as this panel.

After we found that cache, we went on to another Multi on the Frisbee Golf course. I'm not sure we were supposed to be there, as non-players, and we had to dodge Frisbees as we walked around the busy course. I was sure glad The Dillon Gang had played before because he knew the general direction of the different waypoints.

From there, we headed south to new territory. Most of the caches the three of us found during the rest of the day were forgettable micros, except for one particularly bad one we wish we could forget.

I had a lot of fun however, and all those caches sure got me closer to another Milestone quickly . . .

After duganrm and I dropped The Dillon Gang off, we checked on a cache of mine which had gone missing. Richard was kind to donate a magnetic keyholder and a blank log, so I was able to replace it. From there, we saw the trail for The Dillon Gang's "River Walk" cache and that was a perfect cache to do at the end of a mostly-driving day. It was a nice walk along a quiet trail that parallels the San Diego River.

Just as the sun was going down, duganrm and I made it to a cache he had been wanting to find for a while. It features something I can waymark as a "Ginormous Everyday Object."

As usual, when I am with duganrm, we continue caching long into the night. After getting some Mexican food at a little place in the Clairemont area, we cached all the way back to La Mesa. The last caches of the day were two more great ones by Pathfinder and Snoopy. We had a hard time finding the last, well-cammoed container, but duganrm wouldn't give up until he found it.

It was a great day, and it was nice to end it by finding mostly caches that took us to worthwhile locations where we saw new things as well as great creativity in cache hides and cammo techniques.


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