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Musings about Geocaching

Friday, August 18, 2006

bradybunchboys were FTF on my new caches

Chuy! used to be the FTF leader in this area, but when the bradybunchboys started caching, that all changed. Now Lance gets out there to get many of the FTFs. He gets all over the county, and he found all four of my new caches — and left off two green jeeps in the larger containers. How cool!!

Here is a new Keen People map of my cache placements around San Diego County.

The newest caches put my total of Geocaches placed at 70. I don't know how that happened . . .

When I put out my very first cache, "Lyons Valley Roadside Distraction," I made sure it was close to my house and close to the road, so I could maintain it. I was so concerned my health would get in the way of being able to properly maintain a cache . . .

And now, counting my single Terracache, I have placed 71. Two of those have been Archived . . . one because "No Trespassing" signs were put up at the access point, and the second because it was a unique container, in an out-of-the-way place. I didn't have a replacement container, and with gas at $3.42 a gallon at the time it went missing, I didn't want to make the drive to put out a replacement container.

I have one Disabled cache right now. It was a large ammo can at Lake Murray full of kid's toys and Beanie Babies — and two Travel Bugs — when it went missing a couple of weeks ago. I have to figure out what sort of container I can put back in that location. It will have to be much smaller than that big ammo can since the vegetation has changed now, but it will still have to be large enough for Teeny Beanies and Hot Wheel toys . . . since it is called "Kid's Kache."


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