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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cache #1900 was a Multi in beautiful Balboa Park

A Geocaching friend, "lostguy", had a rare weekday off. It was wonderful to join him on a day of caching. Since it was going to be way too hot for any hiking, we headed to Balboa Park where I planned to get one of the Multi-caches there as my 1900th cache.

We started out both "Katy-did" and "Exciting Balboa Park" on the west side of the Laurel Street bridge near this great statue of Kate Sessions, who was instrumental in getting the park established back in the 1800's.

After crossing over the bridge, we walked all over the park. I revisted my Waymark for "El Cid on Horseback" to take a better picture of this incredible bronze statue.

As we walked around the Park, "lostguy" did all the math for the two Multis, and for that, I was appreciative. He put the waypoints for "Exciting Balboa Park" in his GPSr, and I put the waypoints for "Katy-did" in my GPSr, so we wouldn't have to backtrack as we looked for the waypoints and all the other caches in the park I had already found.

It was fun to watch "lostguy" search for the caches when I knew where they were. I didn't let him struggle too long at the tricky Pathfinder & Snoopy caches and would offer some "Hot/Cold" hints if he needed them. In the park, because of all the trees, the GPSr reception can be erratic.

On our way to the Traditional cache near the Marston House, I saw this cute little guy.

At the very end of the day, we revisited the "Yellow Bird" Puzzle cache because I really thought "lostguy" would enjoy the way Snake & Rooster used something in the park to make a fun cache for us.

I enjoyed the log he posted for that one:
3:50pm. Out caching w/Miragee today and all day she talked about how she wanted me to visit this puzzle cache because it was such a cute idea and fun. I resisted right up until the end. Once she had my arm wrenched up way behind my back, I relented and attempted this cache. Thanks for your creativity and to Miragee for her insistence. My arm will eventually return to it's normal range of motion.

I guess he really didn't want to go to that cache . . .

The cache that turned out to be #1900 for me was Gecko Dad's "Katy-did." Gecko Dad has been caching for several years and all the caches he has placed are well-thought-out and often physically challenging, such as those I found on Bell Bluff.

I had a great time and before the day was over, we had walked more than four miles. This is what our tracks looked like after all our walking around that portion of the huge city park:


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