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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The "Lost Patrol," Version 2.0

In the morning I met Jahoadi, 3cds, Mrs. 3cds, and their two boys, SuperDave!, his son jaredloser, and their beautiful German Shepherd, GEO-K9-Betsy at the trailhead for West McGinty. I was only going to go up about a mile, as far as Mrs. 3cds was going, but there was a new cache on the other side of the hill, and then I had that pesky DNF to take care of . . .

So, we did some "cache-hiding" and some "coin-discovery" reenactments for Mrs. 3cds so she could have background information and photographs for an article about Geocaching for The Christian Science Monitor.

We made it up to a view of the mansion before spitting up. I continued on with Jahoadi, SuperDave!, jaredloser, and GEO-K9-Betsy. The first task Jahoadi had to accomplish was the retrieval of a cache she placed that turned out to be too close to the end point of a multi/puzzle cache by Team Adelos. On our way to her cache, we found "Daddy's Shortcut" for SuperDave!. After retrieving her cache, we found the other cache and signed the logbook . . . although I was already in the logbook as a member of the original "Lost Patrol" of January 6.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes the first person to find all Seven Dwarfs in order to get to "Snow White."

Now we were on to "The Hill Are Singing." I knew where to focus my search this time and I saw the item mentioned in the hint just after nearly falling down when my walking stick slipped on one of the huge rocks . . .

I didn't take very many pictures during this hike. I was enjoying the company and the conversation too much, however, I took a picture of beautiful GEO-K9_Betsy sitting on the rockpile. She looks, and behaves, exactly like a German Shepherd dog I had 20 years ago . . . was it really THAT long ago . . . ?

We continued down the trail to the new cache, "A Little Further Down the Trail," stopping at the other caches I found last Sunday as we walked. At that new cache, I think it was my brilliant idea to continue down to some oak trees. Jahoadi had a cache container with her, and that sure looked like a good place for a cache . . .

The oak trees were a bit too close to ChuckB's cache, so we continued a bit further. From there, we decided to look over the ridge to what was ahead of us . . . and from there we continued down, down, down.

At a neat rockpile, I took another picture of our very photogenic companion.

The pack she was carrying came in very handy further down the trail near the golf course when we found more than 30 golf balls . . .

After negotiating a steep hill, and a steeper embankment, we finally reached the dry creekbed that bisected the Sycuan Golf Course. We only held up play for one group of golfers . . .

Thank goodness for cell phones and an available spouse who could come and pick us up on Dehesa Road after our eight-mile hike.

It sure was a great day. I had a wonderful time. Thanks Jahoadi and SuperDave! for letting me join you on such a fun adventure.


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