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Monday, December 10, 2007

A seven-mile hike around Mt. McGinty

For the past several days, the weather has been cold and rainy here, but finally the sky cleared and the weather was beautiful, although brisk in the morning when I met dillweed for our hike.

We started out our day by making the short hike up to my "Man, that was a lotta work!" cache to replace the missing container. Bummer . . . I don't know who would walk up there and take a Tupperware container. I replaced the cache with one of my "bison-tube-in-a-piece-of-wood" caches.

After that little errand was over, we drove the short distance to the parking for the west McGinty trailhead. We reset the Trip Computers on our GPSrs and started up the road past those million-dollar homes to the trail up Mt. McGinty.

This is what our Profile looked like:

At the end of the hike, my Vista HCx had recorded only 6.81 miles. I think I remember dillweed's Forerunner recorded 7.4 miles. Makes me wonder how far we really walked . . .

Near Chuck B's cache at the ruin of an old home, we saw a guy with a Trimble GPS unit. It was about six times as big as my Vista HCx and it had a "touchscreen." He was using a stick as his "rustic stylus." We didn't tell him what we were doing up there, but he encouraged us, and others, to use the public lands.

During our several-hour hike, I revisited several caches while dillweed found about ten during the hike. I had a great time, although, even as we were walking, I didn't feel any better than I have lately. The physical activity masks the errant brain chemistry, but that symptom never abated. It was good to get out and get that much exercise on such a wonderfully clear day, however. And, it was sure a better way to pass the time than sitting at home on my computer, on the Forums, trying to focus the misfiring neurons that make existence so painful during these flareups.

Once again I am very grateful to my friends for helping me through these tough days.


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