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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Checking on a few caches on a beautiful morning

A week ago, on a day when I was in town running errands, I ran into an old friend. It was great to see her again and since she lives near the trailhead for a few of my caches in the Hollenbeck Canyon area, I planned a little hike there so we could see how the area looks six months after the devastating fires.

It was a perfect morning for the hike. Down in the valley, there was some fog, but the sky overhead was clear and blue.

The first cache we checked on was my "Canyon View" cache that had a recent DNF. My friend spotted the out-of-place rock that hid the small Altoids tin and she signed the log. From that rocky outcrop, there are great views in all directions, and looking back the way we came, you can see an interesting rock wall dam.

These are pictures taken from above "lostguy"'s "It Got Me Off The Couch #3" cache.

Not far from his cache location, we saw this Nolina plant struggling to recover after the devastating fire.

Not far from here, as I hit the rocks ahead of me with my trekking poles and warned my friend that we might see some snakes on a warm morning like this, we heard the unmistakable rattle of a snake.

We both jumped away, and I yelled something not fit for a "Family-friendly" Geocaching blog. ;-) I tried to inch forward to see if I could see the snake, but it soon stopped its warning rattle, after it retreated into its rocky lair.

On our way back, I stopped to get a picture of these incredible daisy flowers.

Here is the Profile of our short hike. I'm not sure why it is so jagged looking, except we walked slowly along the trail, and I had my GPSr hooked to the belt of my lumbar pack. Maybe it didn't get clear satellite reception in that position.

It was sure a beautiful day. I wish there was some way to lure more cachers to the area now that the weather is perfect for hiking. It seems that most of the cachers who like to hike have already found the caches and newer cachers either don't like to hike, or don't want to make the drive out this way with fuel prices as high as they are now.

Last fall when I visited the area after the fire, I put a Geocoin in one of my caches to lure cachers to the area. Almost six months later, the poor coin was still in the cache . . . so I retrieved it so it can travel again.

Guess that didn't work.


  • Wow, you sure have a beautiful place to geocache! Everything here is still under the snow. But we don't have to worry about snakes!

    By Blogger Norm, at 2:40 PM  

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