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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kitchen Creek has water flowing in it again

The last time I hiked to the waterfall area of Kitchen Creek, it was dry. Now, after all the rain we have had this winter, it is flowing and the falls are noisy with that wonderful, relaxing, water-falling cacophony. It was a short hike, compared to some I've taken recently, but the first time I made this hike, back in 2005, it was a long hike . . .

At the trailhead, the wind was gusting and the temperature was cool. Typically, I was wearing several layers of clothing to keep warm, but a couple of my hiking companions were wearing flip-flops, shorts, and t-shirts . . . This was the inaugural hike for my new Asolo hiking boots. I got them months ago from Sierra Trading Post when my odd size was available for a discounted price, but since my other boots are so comfortable, I have been waiting until they were almost completely worn out before wearing these new boots. Although there seemed to be a pressure point the other day, today they were fine, and they have tread, something my two-year old boots no longer have . . .

Here are a couple of pictures I took during the little adventure:

The wind was blowing, and must have really been blowing out in the desert, because the sky was hazy with blowing dust. Therefore, I didn't have many opportunities for photography as I have on other trips to the falls.

Although my companions were not Geocachers, I made a trip up the hill to "Kitchen Creek: Monteverde 2" anyway in order to drop off both the White Jeep and Red Jeep TBs I acquired recently.

In the cache, I found a Geocoin that had been sitting there since December. I retrieved that and will move it on to a "safe" cache as soon as I can.

It was a fun hike and I met some new people. Although they are not Geocachers, and I was not able to convert them to my fun little addiction, one man seemed somewhat interested. Maybe there will be one new convert in the near future . . . If so, having that "Historic Cache" as cache number one will definitely be something to brag about. I'm sure glad my very first cache was an ammo can hidden under an "artificial pile of rocks," as opposed to an urban micro hidden under a lamp post skirt in a parking lot somewhere in Santee . . .


  • Looks beautiful. I wish you could have recorded the sound of the water and posted it. How could those guys be immune to the geocaching fever? I don't trust them. Ha ha

    By Blogger Terra Fenestra, at 7:22 PM  

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