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Musings about Geocaching

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Placed a couple of new caches this afternoon

I picked up some Geocoins on the trip to Yuma and rather than risk putting them in another cache for the coin thief to visit, I decided to place a couple of new caches, and hike to my "Hard Hike, Easy Find" cache to have "safe" homes for the coins.

The first location isn't far from "Blame it on Miragee," a cache placed about a year ago by CTYankee9. It is up on a high point near a marker placed by San Diego County.

The second location is on another high point to the north of "Hard Hike, Easy Find." I took a very round-about way of getting to that location because, what I thought would be a straight shot over to the peak from where I parked my car turned out to be blocked by a very steep-sided canyon. I made it down into the canyon okay, but decided to try to find a different route up rather than struggle through the remaining branches and sticks from the burned vegetation. If I hadn't taken that round-about way of getting to the "first" location, I wouldn't have found the spot where I actually placed the first cache.

This is the view of Barrett Lake from close to "It's Monumental."

And, this is the view from the second cache, "An Adventurer's Cache," which I have not submitted for review yet.

I called it "An Adventurer's Cache" because that is what the cacher will have to be to get to the location. It will be a challenge just about any way someone chooses to go, and only cachers with a spirit of adventure will enjoy the experience. I got very, very dirty, brushing against the burned vegetation that is impossible to avoid, and I fell down once, scraping my arm. My lumbar pack broke my fall so I didn't hurt anything else as I slipped on the hard-packed ground, that, after all the recent rains, has set up like concrete.

Here is the profile of the hike . . . the peak "Hard Hike, Easy Find" is on sure shows its steepness. No wonder I hurt my foot hiking that peak last year . . . a foot that still hasn't healed after more than eight months . . .

While the rest of the country is struggling with terrible weather, tornadoes, and ice storms, we are basking in wonderful, clear, warm weather. I was glad to have the opportunity to get out, get some exercise, place a couple more caches to fill in some "gaps" in that area, and put out the Geocoins in an area I hope the coin thief won't visit.


  • Go ahead and brag about your weather.

    It will be spring here soon enough.

    Great pics! So much nice hiking out that way.

    By Blogger Rake, at 3:48 AM  

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