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Friday, January 25, 2008

An amazing hike on an incredible day!!!

When I woke up and logged on to my email, there was a message from fisnjack. I called his home and his wife said he was already on his way out to my place with his eye on two FTFs on Guatay Peak to the northwest of where I live. Akop&fam had placed both a Terracache, and a Geocache on Guatay Peak.

The trail was fantastic with only a few steep sections where I had to stop to catch my breath. Once we made out way up to the ridge, the views were just amazing. Off to the west, the trail meandered up the chaparral-covered ridge.

Here was another incredible vista as we continued up the trail.

At one point along the trail where the views were incredible, we stopped and fisnjack placed a cache. The view towards Lawson/Lyons/Gaskill was about like this from his cache location.

We continued to the top, stopping to find the Geocache first where we signed the log as FTF. Then, we continued towards the Terrache. Near it was a Benchmark Reference disk, but we didn't find the actual Benchmark on the peak, although there was a plastic box with Peak logs inside and a note about the B.M. Disk.

This was the amazing view to the west from the benchmark location.

The view of snow-dusted Cuyamaca Peak was incredible.

It could not have been a more beautiful day for the hike. The temperature was in the 60s and the sky was amazingly clear. I was just in awe of all the peaks we could see in all directions. We covered about six miles and this is what the Profile of the hike looked like:

In the Terracache container was a small, cammo-painted Altoids tin. I traded for that and used it to place a new cache along the trail where the views were incredible. This is what the view was towards Lawson, Lyons, and Gaskill Peaks to the southwest.

So far, I haven't written up that cache page and I'm not sure what I will call it. I'm tempted to call it "Wow, wow, wow" just because that is what I kept saying all day long as I looked at the views allowed by the 100-mile visibility.


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