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Sunday, December 30, 2007

We Geocachers had a great, but sad, day in ABDSP

My alarm went off at 3:45 in the morning . . . After my brain figured out what that obnoxious noise was that had interjected itself into my dream, I got up, got dressed, put on my coffee water, and fixed breakfast. I put together some snacks for the day as well, some almonds and raisins in little snack bags, as well as those great spicy dried mango strips I buy at Trader Joe's. Finally, I got everything in my car and headed out in the dark to make the long drive to Chuy!'s house. As the crow flies, his place in Lakeside isn't that far away, but whether I go the back way, or down into Rancho San Diego and through El Cajon, it is more than 25 miles . . .

As I approached his street, following the auto-routing on my Vista HCx, I saw another vehicle ahead of me. It was fisnjack, who left his house even earlier than I did because he stopped for a cache on the way.

We loaded all our stuff in Chuy!'s truck and took off for Ramona to meet the rest of the group for breakfast. After everyone fueled up for the day's adventures, we took off for the Anza Borrego Desert State Park.

We started out hiking up a beautiful canyon in search of one nearby cache. Then we decided we could make it up to the next cache further up the canyon, and still meet up with the group later one. That cache was called "Cool Canyon Rainbow Rocks." In the past two years, that cache has only been found nine times, which makes the new "No Geocaches Allowed" policy for ABDSP absurd. We saw a group of hikers going up the canyon as we were heading back down. There were more people in that one party than had found the cache in two years.

Along the way, we saw some interesting geology.

By the time we made it back down the canyon to Chuy!'s truck, we were 45 minutes late for the meeting time, but we managed to catch up with everyone at "The Squeeze," which is where we had to stop. The Tacoma was too wide to make it throught that obstacle.

We piled into different vehicles to get to "Heart Attack Hill." I got to ride with RUSCAL, whom I had a the pleasure of hiking with to the "Hydro Cache" back in October 2005 during the big campout weekend.

At "Heart Attack Hill," each of the vehicles took their turn making their way over the lip at the top and down into the hole. After negotiating that, the rest of the steep grade is easy . . . as long as the tires grip and the brakes work . . .

Here is another picture fisnjack took of another vehicle making the steep descent.

Here are a couple of the videos I took with my little camera: Marko Ramius and Team Fatman. I haven't used the camera for movies before . . . next time I'll know which way to hold it . . . Doh!

After everyone made it safely down to the bottom of the hill, fisnjack, Chuy!, and I walked back the mile or so to "The Squeeze" to continue our day's adventure.

I'll add more pictures and tell more of the story later.


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