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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A fun day of hiking on the ATT (Anderson Truck Trail)

The day started in Rancho San Diego when dillweed and fisnjack picked me up. From there, we drove to Peutz Valley Road where we met up with 3cd's, my frequent hiking partner that I haven't been hiking with for the past few months. We sort of hoped to get some FTFs on the new caches, but another cacher was ahead of us on his mountain bike. We did finally catch up to him so we got a couple of FTFs further down the trail when we took a shortcut that the mountain bike could not make. Heck, I had a hard time climbing that steep hill myself.

I got a few pictures as we hiked along the trail. From one point, I found a good view of the reservoir.

This area burned in the October 2003 wildfire, but it is slowly recovering from that devastaion.

In the canyons, there were Sycamore trees adding fall color to the views.

In that peaceful location, we stopped for a little while and I got a picture of my companions, all of them except for Teddie the dog who was over playing in the small pool of water that crossed the trail.

After our hike, we stopped for a couple of caches as we made our way back to the original meeting place and my car, parked at the Edwards 15 parking lot in Rancho San Diego. It was another very fun day and I'm grateful to dillweed for doing the driving today.


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