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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some new maps of my Found and Hidden caches

Yesterday I had a great time caching with fisnjack and dillweed. When I cache with either of them, we usually go for long hikes, like my recent hike with dillweed around the west side of Mt. McGinty, or the hike all three of us took out to Morena Butte, or the hike fisnjack and I made through the burned area near Lake Hodges.

This time we found a number of "urban/suburban" caches. I revisited some I found a couple of years ago. It was good to see that these little caches were still in place, and still "doing their jobs" after a couple of years. I found a total of 13 caches and had three DNFs. One of those was hidden where there was no legal parking. I don't know what cache hiders are thinking when they do that . . .

The sky was extraordinarily clear when we hiked to a couple of caches above a new housing development where the homes have million-dollar views.

After logging my finds and moving those caches to my Found database in GSAK, I created a .gpx file I uploaded to the ".gpx Maptool" on the Keen People site. I produced this map with lots of magenta "pearls" all over San Diego County.

I also updated my Placed map which now includes my third Terracache, the one I placed on the top of Twin Peaks in Poway and the first Waypoint for my "San Diego "Historic" Cache Adventure -- V.2.0," a cache that has only been found twice, the second time just today, by FlagMan. There are still a few other cachers working on this challenge.


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