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Monday, January 14, 2008

Clear, sunny day and a great hike with dillweed

Monday I drove the back way, down Proctor Valley Road, to meet up with dillweed at the trailhead for a whole bunch of new caches on the south side of Mt. Miguel. One of the caches, near the top, was one Kwvers! placed for me.

This is part of the area that burned in the fires of October 2007, so the area is still raw and scorched.

We hiked up one trail and then realized we needed to get to a different trail to get the rest of the caches. This meant going down, down, down a very steep hillside that before the fires, would have been choked with north-side chapparral.

That was about the same steepness as the hill fisnjack and I descended when we made our foray into the Lake Hodges park to get the "Old Glory" cache several weeks ago.

After getting onto the trail, we started up, up, up to get the remaining caches that had been nicely set out at just about .1 intervals which allowed us time to rest before continuing up.

The fire left behind lots of stuff that was probably fairly well-hidden by the brush before it was vaporized and turned to smoke and ash.

We had a great time. On our way back down, heavily-laden with cans and bottles we picked up to take to the recycling center, we met up with rnblver. He placed a new cache on his way to meet up with us, so I'll have that one, and another one I missed, to find the next time I get on that side of town.


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