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Monday, February 11, 2008

Another great Yuma Event weekend

Last year, through the very kind generosity of Team Adelos, I was able to attend the Yuma Event. This year, it was fisnjack who provided my transportation over to Yuma so I could attend the "Warm Up" Event on Saturday night and the big Event on Sunday where I got to visit with my caching buddy, Princess Toadstool, whom I have not seen for more than a year.

On the way over to the Event, we stopped at several caches, one of which is at a very interesting location.

It would be interesting to know the story . . .

One cache we found in Yuma gave us this opportunity to cross over the railroad tracks . . . We weren't supposed to go that way, but we did . . .

Once we got to Yuma we found some caches on the college campus, including one, that was a 50 cal. ammo can, near this amphitheater.

Another one was near this fountain.

We looked for that one for quite a while before fisnjack finally spotted the elusive DeCon container hanging in a bush.

As we made our way back to the vehicle, I took a little side trip to take a picture of this shiny building.

During the weekend, I found 31 caches, many of them creative and clever, like the one hidden in this water faucet.

Some of those Yuma cachers really know how to disguise their caches, and we had a few DNFs we got hints for at the big bar-be-que Event on Sunday afternoon, which was held in this fantastic location.

At the Event, I met a cacher, BroncoBusters, who is such an avid Geocacher he got a super, "loggable on" tatoo on his arm.

After the Event, we drove back into Yuma to clear up those DNFs and find a few other caches before hitting the highway and heading home. The last cache of the day was "Stagecoach Stop," a cache I DNFd last summer when it was missing.

It was a great weekend. Jeep 'n Jumpers really knows how to put on an Event! My thanks to them for everything they did to organize the Event on Saturday night and the incredible bar-b-que on Sunday.


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