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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Whoooo Hoo! flask is back in the Forums

in honor of flask, i am writing in all lower case, which is how she writes her posts in the forums.

i hope she is back so i can add to my favorite "flask" quotes. already today, i can add these lines from a post she made, quoting something i wrote yesterday:
what i first loved about it was the secret web that caches and cachers trace on the land. i loved the idea that i might sit alone on a cold mountaintop holding a logbook that dozens of people before me had found and held in just the same way. i loved following the hider's intent, trusting that i was being brought somewhere to have an experience. i loved telling the story, and reading other people's stories.

i used to love reading people's profiles; before stat generators, people used to write stuff about themselves. now you see pages of maps and stats. please. who really cares to see that, unless they're measuring themselves up against it?

we've lost something valuable; something we are not likely to get back. it's the difference between mahler symphonies and advertising jingles, the difference between box wine and a fine vintage. a lot of people nowadays don't understand the best of caching any more than they do fine china or a slow kiss.


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