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Musings about Geocaching

Saturday, July 19, 2008

No caching this weekend . . . :-(

Plans were changed by my caching partner, so I stayed home and walked down my road again, the same stretch I walked a week ago.

It was a beautiful day for my walk, cool and breezy, although the haze blocked the views of El Cajon Mountain, Viejas and Cuyamaca Peaks, and Bell Bluff. Shortly after I crossed the road, I was startled by a long snake, a Racer, literally racing up the steep embankment to get away from me. Later on in the walk, I saw a large lizard, possibly a whiptail. After seeing two dead critters on my walk on Wednesday, a Bobcat and King Snake, it was good to see living wildlife . . .

I made it down to the "1 Mile" maker, the same turn-around point for my walk a week ago. After walking ten miles a few days ago, the three mile distance I covered today was easy. At my age, and considering my fifteen years of inactivity due to chronic illness, I find it amazing to write that . . .

Without Geocaching, I never could have gotten into shape like this. That Recreation/Activity/Sport/Hobby (RASH) has been a great motivator!!

- - - - - - - - - - -

As I walked along and saw all the trash, including small liquor bottles, larger liquor bottles, Burger King bags and food wrappers, and household trash, I wondered, "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???!!!"

In recent months, the "Environment" has finally made it into nearly every newscast. Global Warming and Recycling and high-gas mileage and battery-powered cars and trucks are almost "acceptable" topics on the Network news and in conversation. My friend and I altered our behavior in the face of extremely-high gas and diesel prices. We car pool when we go into town to get our groceries and make a point of taking our own grocery bags to the store with us. At Henry's they give us a $.06 discount for each bag we bring and at Trader Joe's, we get to enter a raffle when we bring our own bags to reuse.

So . . . who are the idiots who throw their trash out on a rural road like this? Is there anything that will make them become more "aware" of the environment?

At least they also threw out some Bud Light, Gatorade, Arrowhead water, and Monster drink cans and bottles for me to pick up and add to my stash of Recyclables. I'll take them down the hill this week when I have to go into town to get groceries and fill my water bottles.

The last time I took the bottles and cans to the machine, I got enough money for one and a half gallons of gas. That was half a gallon more than it took to drive to town and back . . . ;-)


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