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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wheeeeuuu! Hot and humid day in Chula Vista

On my seven-mile walk the other day, I twisted my foot and apparently tore something because my right foot is a bit sore and very puffy and swollen. So, I begged off the "planned" Tecate Peak hike and asked Auld Pro to pick a location where I could wear my Chaco sandals.

I met him at the Von's shopping center on Eastlake Parkway and after some preparations, we headed towards the big shopping center on Olympic Parkway, the one with the R.E.I. store. The first cache I found was a clever one placed by kwvers! Even though it was a micro, and was in a parking lot, and at a lamppost, it was wonderful fun.

Now really, where do you think the cache would be? Nope . . . not there.

I really liked this interesting artifact we saw.

From there, we found two WITCH caches (Why Is This Cache Here?) and then another cleverly-cammoed cache at a nice viewpoint. After one more cache in my least-favorite of all hiding places, on an object in a kiddie playground, we drove to the trailhead for a hiking/biking trail along which there were several caches placed by dillweed and "lostguy."

The longer we walked, the hotter it got, and the higher the humidity became. There was one cache placed by dillweed which was in a great location. I wanted to stay. It was cool and shady and there was a creek nearby with "Soothing Sounds."

Alas, my companion was going to continue down the trail, so I had to emerge from the cocoon of shady bushes. We found a few more caches before returning, hot and very sweaty, to the Jeep. I don't remember feeling like that since a trip to humid Florida many years ago. I didn't take any pictures on our little hike. It was just too hot to think about recording our adventure . . .

Once at the Jeep, Auld Pro turned on the air conditioning full blast and I aimed the vents just so for maximum cooling effect . . .

Here is the interesting Track of our walk through that suburban canyon.

After that adventure, we took a break at a Jack-in-the-Box and a Sports Authority Store before finding three more nearby caches. One had a cute container in the shape of a small mailbox and another was a clever hide at a phone booth in front of the store. We didn't find that one until our second visit, and only then because we finally . . . Doh! . . . thought to read the cache description.

I wonder when I will finally learn to do that before beginning my search . . .


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