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Monday, June 02, 2008

A long drive to a short hike

3cd's wanted to find a Terracache located on one of the foothills of Otay Mountain, so off we went, driving the back way down Honey Springs Road to Otay Lakes Road. From there, because of both development and open space, we had to drive west, then south, then back to the east again . . .

Finally, we arrived at the trailhead where a cache had been placed, so we got a smilie before starting up the steep, steep trail to gratefuldad's "Sado-Masochism in the Otay Range" cache.

On the way up the trail, 3cd's stopped me when he saw this snake.

When we left east county, the sky was clear, but this far south, and this close to the ocean and the pollution from Tijuana, the sky was hazy, interfering with the views that would have been spectacular on a clear day.

The hike was steep, but it was short, only a mile and a half, so our day was over early. On the way back, 3cd's stopped to find a couple of caches near Otay Lakes that I found a few weeks ago with dillweed.

It was a perfect hiking day and I appreciated being able to get both a Terracache, and some Geocaches today. I had a Geocoin I picked up on Goat Peak the other day, but forgot to take it with me. It is now in my pack so the next time I get to go caching, I'll place it. That will make the coin owner happy.


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