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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cans and bottles, plus flowers, horses, and cows

Well . . . since gas prices are precluding my leaving home to go caching, I walked my road again today with a kitchen-sized trash bag in hand. Today I didn't bring along the GPSr, but did bring my camera to take pictures of the flowers that are still blooming, and anything else I found interesting, including this view of El Cajon Mountain north of Lakeside.

My "Another Astounding Viewpoint" cache is down the hill a little distance from this location on Skyline Truck Trail.

Looking in the other direction from there is a clear view of the boulder-strewn, broad-shouldered Gaskill Peak and the rocky knob that is Lawson Peak.

These are just some of the flowers that I saw today.

I took a side trip up a road I haven't walked before. The breeze was behind me, blowing at the same speed I was walking, so I was starting to get warm and was making excuses to myself about why I would head back when I turned around. But, once I headed the other way, the breeze was cool and refreshing, so I continued on. The little excursion up Wisecarver Truck Trail added another mile to my five-mile walk down to the stop sign near my "Four Corners" cache.

Along Wisecarver T.T., I found almost a half a case of full beer cans. Since I didn't want to carry the weight of full cans, I emptied them out, risking getting sprayed with beer as the warm cans were opened. One can, that was about to burst, shot off like a rocket when I gave it a toss toward a rock that punctured its side. Too bad I didn't have the camera ready to take a movie of that funny sight.

With the bag getting filled, I continued down the road where I stopped to pet the horses, including this handsome fellow.

For seven years of my life I had horses and during that time they were my life. Petting this guy brings back wonderful memories of those years before 1990, which is when I had to sell the horses due to illness. Amazingly, after all this time, I still have "horse dreams" in which I believe I own two or more horses that are waiting for me to come back and get from the people who have been caring for them all these years . . .

Across the street from the four horses is a small herd of cattle including a bull, some cows, and several cute calves. This cow was curious about me and my large white trash bag.

The day was beautiful and the walk was a good diversion, but it sure wasn't as much fun as hiking and caching with Auld Pro and "lostguy" a week ago today.

Maybe next weekend I'll get a chance to go caching again.


  • Gas prices have been putting a crunch on my Geocaching activities as well. :( May was turning out to be a record month until I nixed any more driving around.

    By Blogger AA, at 7:38 AM  

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