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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cool web site highlighting unique caches

Check this web page out.

Unique Caches

Here is one "clever" hide I saw in Yuma. I put the word in quotes because it was unique — the first time I saw it — but I've seen it several times now, and I've even used variations of that cammo myself.

Here is another unique hide I saw in Yuma.

Barbados Sam could always be counted on to provide unique cammo for his caches including this one near his favorite coffee house and near a Thrift Store I submitted as a Waymark in the Thrift Store Category.

There was a great two-waypoint Multicache in the Lagunas placed by Hammer Stone. This was the cammo he used for the waypoint placed at an incredible viewpoint.

And, this was the final container for "Night Hunter."

Unfortunately, I recently got an email from Hammer Stone telling me the cache had been muggled . . .

As I peruse my photos, I'll add more pictures.


  • Hi - I have been reading your blogs for a little while now. I really enjoy your geocaching articles. actually all of the stuff u write. I am working on doing a series of caches here in the next few weeks and enjoyed the pics you had on here that gave me a few ideas. so thank you for that!

    By Blogger gypsy924, at 5:53 PM  

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