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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another walk to get gas money

The gloomy gray skies of the last two days finally cleared to hazy sunshine, so I decided to head in the other direction along my road to see how many cans and bottles I could collect, while getting some much-needed exercise.

I started off with larger bags today, one from the Amvets Thrift Store, another from Macy's . . .

Looking for recyclables is sort of like caching, because I have my eyes trained on the ground, looking for that little glint of sunlight on an aluminum can, or the glow where the sun shines through an amber beer bottle. Sometimes, seeing something is harder tha "Ooooh, shiny!" because all I see is a little bit of white from the paper label on a plastic water bottle.

The variety of cans and bottles I find spans the entire spectrum from health drinks to Gatoraid to Red Bull to beer bottles and cans. Seems like Bud Light cans, the big ones, were the most common new cans I found today.

On my way back up the hill, at the two-mile mark, I hid the two full bags because they were too heavy to carry the rest of the way back. I'll pick them up on my way into town. I sure hope no one else comes along and grabs the bags before I can get down there. Although, if they need that five or six dollars as much as I do, I guess they can have the cans and bottles.

Here is the Profile of today's little walk:

All the spikes are from where I stopped and leaned over the GPSr, or climbed down the embankment, to retrieve one of the "five-cent treasures."

By the time I got back, I had filled two more smaller bags of cans and bottles, so today was a good day. All those nickle-valued bottles, along with the occasional ten-cent one, eventually add up to real money . . .


  • If you could make money from that, here, I'd steal all the recycling from work and turn it in. :)

    By Blogger A-Ron, at 7:13 AM  

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