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Sunday, May 04, 2008

More gas money for my next Geocaching adventure

It was a beautiful day today and even though I couldn't drive my car anywhere, I decided to get some exercise by walking my road again.

I took a few plastic bags with me and walked a bit further than I did the other day, taking my Vista C with me. It has been "resting" since I got my Vista HCx and because of that, it took a long time for it to find the satellites. Once it did, it sure lost them quickly if I tried to hold it any other way than face up to the sky. I'm spoiled since I can clip the Vista HCx to my belt, leaving my hands free for my trekking poles, or for plastic bags full of cans and bottles, as they were today by the time I made my way back home after my four-mile walk.

It is hard to believe I was able to pick up three more bags of recylables after collecting along my road just a few days ago . . .

It is too bad I didn't take my camera with me today. I would have gotten pictures of different groups of people recreating along my road. First, there were the antique cars making there way on tall, skinny tires. It was obvious those cars don't have catalytic converters . . . PEeeee YUuuuu. The exhaust smell was evident after each car drove by, and one in particular was really bad. It smelled like the engine ran on kerosene.

Then, there was a large group of motocyclists who rode by in a few different "shifts." There were at least 50 bikes ridden mostly by couples, but a few bikes had single riders and at least one of the bikes was ridden by a woman.

Finally there were some people on road bikes. Because my two-lane road is winding and hilly, it is a popular road for weekend activities. Because it is so hilly, I did not envy the bicyclists, but when I saw them, there were near the top of the hill where it levels off and then goes down, down, down from 2500 feet of elevation to about 900 feet.


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