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Monday, April 28, 2008

Another great day at Otay Lake

Although it was another hot day for the month of April, I made plans to meet dillweed early in the morning to clear out the new caches placed along the west side of Otay Lake. We started near the main entrance since there were a couple of caches near there that she needed to find, ones I found the day of the Event. This gave us a long distance to walk before our turnaround point more than three miles to the north.

High cirrus clouds accented the sky this morning.

The first cache on my GPSr was one placed by Duncan! in an opening left by the others when they put out their caches prior to the Event. We looked and looked for this cache before calling it a DNF, but deciding to look for it on the way back.

This huge Eucalyptus tree was located near GZ.

Dillweed was walking in front of me when she stopped suddenly and veered off the trail. "Snake." she said.

Sure enough, there, resting across the trail was a medium-sized rattle snake. I got one picture of it before it became aware of our presence.

When it sensed us, it started rattling and coiling for defense.

As usual, rattlesnakes will retreat as soon as possible, given the opportunity.

After that little bit of excitement, we continued our walk along the lakeshore, finding several more caches, all of which were easy to find, which are my favorite kind of caches . . .

On the way back, we stopped to look for Duncan!'s cache again and this time we noticed there was a Hint. Doh! I don't know why I didn't notice that before when I was reading the Past Logs on my Palm . . . Even with the hint, it still took a bit to find it because it was very well hidden by leaves.

After we made the hot walk back to the vehicles, we took off down a rough road to find new caches placed by ChuckB. We were in a hurry to find these because dillweed had some time contraints, so I didn't take any more pictures, although I should have taken a picture of us wading through the water of Salt Creek.

It was a really fun day and I found 27 caches in a little more than five hours of caching, while walking about seven miles on a 90+ degree day . . .


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