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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two easy hikes added up to more than eight miles

Hazy sun and cool tempertures accompanied dillweed and me as we started our walk around Otay Lake to get some of the new caches placed prior to the Event last Saturday. I never knew there was a path all around the lake, and am surprised no one placed caches along it before now.

I felt very good this morning as we walked and talked, and occasionally stopped to listen to the funny, distinctive sound of bullfrogs, like in this location.

I called that picture "Signal's Home," although I never thought Signal would sound like a bullfrog. She/he looks more like she/he would sound like a spring peeper . . . ;-)

One cache we found required us to climb "out on a limb." I let dillweed take on that task.

We picked up quite a few cans and bottles during our walk and I was thankful we found a couple of very large trash bags since the small grocery bag I brought was overly-full long before we were close to the vehicles.

This is the Profile of our nearly-four-mile walk.

From there, dillweed suggested we drive to Telegraph Canyon Road where miasgrandma placed some tricky, devious caches that were a lot more fun to look for with two of us than they would have been by ourselves. The walking/running/biking trail is nice, and it is away from the road, so we could search without interference from muggles, most of the time. We found three of the five caches, although we came very close to DNFing two of the ones we found. I know everyone plays this game differently, but a little, cryptic, play-on-words hint would have sure been appreciated . . . From the few past logs on these new caches, it looks like most finders, except the FTF, either got a hint from the cache owner, or resorted to a lifeline call.

I took a couple of pictures along the trail, one of this Gazania flower to distract some muggles when they walked by.

On one hillside, these backlit flowers were striking.

This is the Profile of our more-than-four-mile walk. When I downloaded the tracks to my computer, cut the Track to match the actual beginning and end of the walk and looked at the Profile of the individual Track, I was surprised to see how far we walked.

The reason for the funny spikes is because of the long stretches of time we were in one place as we searched, and searched, and searched . . .

Before heading back home, I found a few more caches on my own, including one in a muggle-full location in front of a busy "Cold Stone" ice cream shop. I looked for quite a while before resorting to the hint. After reading it, I found the small rock that held a tiny magnetic "blinkie" — in the landscaping rocks — after a short search.

It was a really fun day. With gas prices hovering around $4.00 a gallon here, I don't know when I'll get out again, so I'm glad I have today's memories to carry me through until my next "caching adventure."


  • The weather has been perfect. It looks like a warm up through the weekend and cooling off again around Tuesday. There now I've done it. I've resorted to commenting on the weather! I guess when it's this beautiful, it's something to talk about.

    Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

    By Blogger Hick@Heart, at 6:51 PM  

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