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Friday, May 09, 2008

Hike number three to the amazing Bell Bluff

Today was going to be my "errand day." I had ten gallons to fill with water from "The Water Store," and lots and lots of cans and bottles to take to the Recycling Center.

However . . . while sitting here drinking my morning coffee, relaxing in a turtleneck and sweatpants, I got an email from dillweed saying she and fisnjack were on their way to my house. Eeeeek! There were several brand new caches on Bell Bluff, placed by "lostguy" yesterday, so they were headed that way and wanted me to join them.

The water in the Sweetwater River was lower this time, so I didn't have to wade through with my sandals on. Since I had them on, I wore them for the first three miles of the trail until my boots were absolutlely necessary on the "green ribbon" trail.

Here are some photos I took during our very fun day:

We saw a bird after making the climb back up from "SW Bell Bluff. Is it worth one Smiley?"

This is the view from that cache.

At the end of the long hike, we saw this whale:

It was a really great hike, one of the longest ones I have taken, and we got six FTFs. I'll post the Tracks and Profile a bit later.


  • Looks like a good hike.

    Did some Geocaching this weekend, but no fun hikes. :(

    By Blogger A-Ron, at 8:58 AM  

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