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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another trip to Long Valley Peak

Clouds and overcast skies were sure a contrast to the hot weather and windy conditions during last week's adventure with Auld Pro, but cool temperatures were just what we needed for our hike to Long Valley Peak.

After a couple of false starts, we found the trail through the yellow-flower meadow and then walked up the flower-covered hill to 3cd's' new cache, "Goin' Long," which had not been found yet. The overcast skies compromised the views from that location . . .

From there, I let Auld Pro find the route up the south peak towards the "Ockham's Razor" cache. He found the cache right away and after signing the log, continued up, up, up to the top where Chuy!'s "90 Minute Mile" cache and T.R. Violin's Terracache are hidden. From the south peak, Auld Pro surveyed the north peak and pondered the route to the top.

A brisk, cold breeze was blowing. Can tell how cold we were from this picture? Brrrrr . . .

There were lots of flowers blooming today as they were the last time, but I didn't take too many pictures because of the overcast.

When I made my first trip up the peak, prior to the fire, Chuy! and hike scrambled and climbed through this area.

This is a picture I took of Chuy! working his way through that unburned chapparal.

This side of the peak was unbelievably treachreous and rocky. It reminded me of places I have been in Arizona. As we worked our way around to the side of the peak we hiked up, I saw this one lone tree silhouetted against the ominous clouds in the sky, clouds that later on in the day dumped rain and hail on us . . . fortunately after we were back in the Jeep.

This was my third trip to that craggy peak and this profile shows all of the intersecting tracks as well as the profile for today's hike. The profile is different because we took a different route down from the top, a route that did not look as steep and dangerous when we surveyed it from a distance.

After making it back to the Jeep, we continued up the Bear Valley road to find more caches. The clouds were coalescing into real storm clouds when I took these pictures from a cache 3cd's placed several weeks ago, using a container his son won at my "Milestone Celebration" last fall.

Long Valley Peak

Buckman Peak

Our drive up and down from that location was exciting, but the Jeep Sahara took each obstacle in stride. I was concerned about its new paint getting scratched on the chaparral plants that crowded close to the narrow track.

We found a few more caches before rain sprinkles came down as we signed the logs of the last two. Not long after returning to the Jeep, it really started to rain. And then, pea-sized hail came down — hard — covering the ground with small white pellets and making lots of noise while bombarding the roof and hood of the Jeep.

It was another very fun day. Now I need to find someone else who wants to hike to Long Valley Peak so I can make that challenging hike again.


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