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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another little walk down my road

One of these days when I take my walk, I want to get a DNF. A "Did Not Find" any discarded cans and bottles, that is. Today was not one of those days. I brought back half a kitchen-sized trash bag full of cans, plastic water and Gatorade bottles, and a few glass beer bottles.

I'll add those to other bottles and cans contributed by one of my neighbors for my next trip down the hill to the Recyling Center. The other day when I turned in my previous "collection," I garnered more than $17.00. Not too bad, but that was less than half of what I spent on lunch and groceries when I went to town with a friend yesterday.

Today, I didn't take the GPSr with me, so I don't have a pretty image of the Track and Profile to spice up this post . . . I didn't take my camera either, but if I had, I could include pictures of several different species of wildflowers that are blooming up here now.

I'm going for a real hike tomorrow to find a cache that hasn't been found in a long time. I've already loaded the GPSr with that cache and others in the Laguna Mountain area, which is where we are heading to beat the heat from a high pressure system that is moving into the area.


  • Both caches I found yesterday were surprisingly free of trash.

    By Blogger A-Ron, at 6:07 AM  

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