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Sunday, November 06, 2005

I finally finished off the "Couch Series"

A few months ago LostGuy51 placed three new caches in Hollenbeck Canyon. The first people to look for them had a bit of trouble with the coordinates, and then the temperature soared, so until three weeks ago, I didn't try to find any of them even though they are only a few miles from my house . . . as the crow flies. On the day I found "It Got Me Off the Couch #3" and "It Got Me Off The Couch #2," I hiked down from the top and placed two new caches along the way.

Today it was a near perfect day for hiking. There were some high clouds and a nice breeze. The smells of fall were in the air including the refreshing scent of drying fennel plants. The creek I had to jump across back in January when I went to find my very first cache was dry today, but there were a few places where water remained in nice pools to provide water for the wildlife in this wildlife reserve.

The first of the Couch Series caches is a micro hidden in an Oak tree along the trail in this bucolic setting.

The coordinates had me in the middle of the trail nearly 30 feet away, but I glanced around for likely hiding spots and went right to the cache without even looking in my Palm at the cache description, or reading the hint.

After signing the log, I continued up the trail. It was nearly a mile to the next cache, and I had walked almost a mile to the first cache, but the trail was fairly level, at least compared to the McGinty hike, so there was no reason to not continue now that I am in better shape and four miles is not too far to hike on such a beautiful fall afternoon.

As I continued up the trail, the only disturbing thing was the occasional sound of gunfire. Quail season started a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping that was all they were shooting at, and that the only guns were shotguns . . .

I took a few more pictures as I continued up the trail that became narrower as it ascended along the west side of the creek.

This was looking to the south in the hazy mid-afternoon sunlight.

At the cache site, I had to "argue" with a few plants guarding the ammo can. There were a couple of nolina plants and a chamise bush that didn't want to let me grab the can.

I looked through the nice selection of swag and then signed the log as "Second-to-Find." I replaced the cache and headed back down the trail. I saw this amazing hollow tree not quite halfway back to the car.

There is a bee hive just above the large hollow opening, but they seemed fairly docile this afternoon, unlike the busy bees I ran into at "Boogity Boogity."

The last person I saw on the trail was a hunter. I think he was more surprised to see me that I was to see him. I'm sure glad he was just walking and not actively hunting at the time because he was very young, and looked inexperienced.

Before getting back to the car I placed another cache but after I got back I saw that it is too close to a cache I found way back in February. I approached that cache from a different direction back then, and everything looked so different when the grass was green and three-feet tall that I didn't recognize the area.

So, I need to pick up that cache and place it somewhere else . . .

Oh dear . . . this is a very serious addiction . . .


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