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Musings about Geocaching

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I met up with the FTF and STF on my new cache

I drove down to the Hollenbeck Canyon area again to take a picture from the location of my new cache.

Last year at this time, this picture would have been green all over, not just down near the creek where the oak and Sycamore trees create the green ribbon. This year it is so brown because it has been so incredibly dry, and warm, and nice.

After taking pictures, I continued walking and placed a new cache further down the trail and back towards the highway. I decided to call it "Geocache Anniversary Cache" and have it go "live" on January 17, which is the day I found my first cache a year ago.

On my way back to my car, I looked up and saw the Anonymous Geocacher. We started talking for a while and then were joined with Cegrube, who was the STF on my cache. We had a nice visit and then, I hitched a ride with the Anonymous Geocacher to find one of Night Hunter's "Stone Ruination" caches.

This was the neatest one yet. It had been a very large house back in its day.

After bouncing back out the rough road, we decided to head up the highway a bit further to see if we could get to a couple other Stone Ruination caches. Unfortunately, there had been an accident and the gate we needed to pass through was blocked by the stuff being offloaded from the jack-knifed truck.

It was an absolutely beautiful day. I know the weather is bound to change; after all, this is January. For now, I'm very happy to be able get out and hike on a 70° day.


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