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Friday, January 13, 2006

Two FTFs and a great hike on a beautiful, warm day

Yesterday a new cache was approved out in my "territory." This morning, since the weather was still warm and beautiful, I decided to head out and find it.

I created a Magnalog of the adventure.

Initially, I tried to follow my arrow from the closest spot on Lyons Valley Road. There is a paved road that goes down from there towards the Barrett Honor Camp. I walked for about a third of a mile before coming to the open gate that had a No Trespassing sign on it.

So . . . I turned around and walked back up the beautiful little canyon to my car and drove to the suggested parking down the road a bit at the Horsethief Canyon staging area.

It was about 1.7 miles to the cache from there, so I grabbed some snacks and made sure my water bottle was full and took off. The day was absolutely beautiful and so warm it was very hard to believe it was January.

The first mile was a familiar trail from my hike to "Valley Pillar via Quail Oasis" back on November 14. The day today was similar to that one. The temperature was in the high 70s and it was very clear. Past the Quail Oasis, the trail goes down to a tree-lined valley.

It was shady and cool and quiet, except for when I went past a bush and flushed a covey of quail. It took a while for my heart rate to get back to normal after that scare.

Finally I only had a few hundred feet to go to the cache location. I was watching my footing because the trail had faded and when I looked up, there was the "Ghost Corral." What a surprise!

I put down my pack and looked around for the cache. I knew what size it was, but I didn't know if it was tucked under some of the downed wood, or inside a hollow log, or . . . It took a little while, but I finally spotted the well-cammoed container.

I signed the log and then put the coordinates to the next cache in my GPSr. Then I took a bunch of pictures of the corral and an odd nearby hollow tree before heading off to the other cache, one that hasn't been approved yet.

I really enjoyed the long walk and sometimes wish all cache experiences could be like this. After I got back, I created a new bookmark list just for caches that involve a nice long hike.


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