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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thirty-six caches found and eleven caches placed

It has been a busy several days for me. Last Wednesday and Thursday, I went out to the Anza Borrego desert where I found 32 caches, including one near these native Palm trees.

The views were great at many of the caches because there was still snow on the mountains from the recent storm.

There were also some cacti in bloom.

T.R. Violin had a cache at a really wonderful old Stagecoach Station.

In the afternoon of my second day out there, I ran into Pathfinder and Snoopy at the Blair Valley campground. It was a nice visit, and I needed the break, although I wouldn't have taken a break myself, not as long as there were still caches to be found.

I got back Thursday night and managed to log all my finds, even though I was tired from the adventure.

Friday I hiked up to Gaskill Peak again and picked up three caches on that trip.

When we got down the hill, although I was tired, I wasn't ready to call it a day, so I drove over to the Boulder Creek Road to scout areas for the new caches I had prepared. When I first discovered this road on the day we hiked to the "3 Sisters Photo cache," I wanted to do a series along its length.

That afternoon, I placed a few caches, but ran out of daylight. I did get this great picture of Eagle Peak and the surrounding mountains before turning around and heading back home.

Since I still had several cache containers ready to be placed, I went back out there yesterday. Only one of the caches involved a hike of about a mile up and back from a rocky peak. All the rest are close to the road. By the time I was done, the total I put along the road, from near Descanso to the trailhead for the caches near Three Sisters and Indian Head Peak, was ten.

So far today, only nine of the ten have been approved. I hope someone doesn't drive all the way out there before that last one is approved . . .

The eleventh cache I placed this weekend isn't getting approved . . . :-(

Even though there are other caches in the San Diego area placed at the Trolley Stations, this one is being rejected because of the 150' rule. That's okay. I can probably find another nearby spot, and I have to drive into San Diego this Thursday, so it won't be sitting out there, invisible to the entire world, including Geocachers, for too long.


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