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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another FTF on a cache near my house

A new cache popped up this afternoon that was only 2.2 miles from my house . . . as the crow flies. It was almost a five mile drive to the trailhead, and almost a mile walk up a lonely road to get to the cache container that was right on the numbers.

As I was up on the mountain, I wandered around and played on some of the interesting, dark-colored, lichen-covered rocks. As I played, I was looking for evidence of TrailGators' puzzle cache he hid on the mountain yesterday as well as looking for a place to hide "lostguy"'s container I retrieved from McGinty Friday.

The sky was getting more and more overcast and gray during the time I was up there. I could still see way off in the distance, but the peaks were not as photogenic as they can be on bright, shiny, and clear days.

Off to the east, I could see the broad shoulders of Gaskill Peak.

As I walked along the trail, it was so quiet. All I could hear was my footsteps and the occasional metallic clink of my walking stick when it made a direct hit on a rock.

It was a great hike. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed those hikes up that peak when I first started Geocaching two years ago. I was glad Team Adelos placed a new cache up there for me to find . . . and get a FTF prize of an unactivated Geocoin.

Thanks, Paul.


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