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Sunday, August 03, 2008

A very fun day on the Silver Strand with "lostguy"

Auld Pro wasn't available to go caching this week, but the affable and funny "lostguy" was and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to go caching with him. He suggested biking the Silver Strand. I had not been down that way since DocDitto was in town in 2006 and there were lots of new caches since then, many placed by Jahoadi, of Jahoadi and John.

It was cloudy and overcast when we started out and we sort of DNFd the first cache we looked for, but not really. The closest we could get was 50 feet away and neither of us wanted to walk through the muck to get to the old railroad trestle. So, it was down the bikeway towards "Uphill Both Ways Against the Wind," a cache recently replaced by Jahoadi. I was FTS the new clean log.

We continued north up the bike trail finding well-spaced caches along the way, most of which highlighted panels or other installations that provided viewpoints and information about the salt water marshes and bayside habitat. At one location, I noticed these beads of water resting on some spider webs.

As we rode to one cache, we traveled on a "boardwalk." Weird as it sounds, the closely spaced bumpity-bump made my nose itch . . . My mountain bike doesn't have any suspension, so I feel every little bump. About the time we got to that cache, the early-morning clouds were finally burning off and giving way to a blue sky.

Finally we got to the beautiful community of Coronado. I only took a few pictures . . . "lostguy" keeps up a brisk pace . . . At one time, I asked him, "How am I going to remember what I did if I don't have any pictures?"

At one cache location I took this picture of the colorful flowers, pier posts and extremely thick ropes.

From that location, we had to navigate through some construction before getting on a nice bike path that borders the golf course. Prior to that however, "lostguy" put on his "Good Samaritan" hat and helped some people who were trying to inflate a tire on a brand new shiny bicycle.

That bike path took us past incredible homes and finally under the amazing Coronado bridge. I took some pictures of the interesting high clouds in the sky, something we see rarely in the summer in San Diego.

From the bridge, we pedaled along the bike path on our way to "A Pierfect Spot," a nano hidden under the lamppost cover right where everyone waits to get on the ferry, or just stops to enjoy the view . . .

"lostguy" wasn't deterred. After I read the Past Logs in my Palm where I got a little more information, he found the cache, where I looked before, but without giving it the close inspection necessary.

We continued through Coronado. I enjoyed the ritzy atmosphere, feeling somewhat amazed these people let people like me pedal through their neighborhood. After finding a cleverly-cammoed cache near a nice "Burgers and Beer"-type place, we headed for the bikeway and the long pedal back to Imperial Beach. "lostguy" is younger than I am, and in better shape, so I really had to push to keep up to get the benefits of drafting behind him.

When we got back to his truck, we checked the Trip Meters on our GPS units and they were close to agreement, reporting almost 25 miles. Wheeeeuuu . . . I haven't ridden a bicycle that far since 1983. How amazing is that?

It was a very fun day, I found 23 caches, and only had one DNF, on "Long Skinny Fingers." I'm very grateful to "lostguy", my "Stalker", for doing including me in his day of caching and for doing all the driving. I'm looking forward to our next caching adventure.


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