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Monday, November 07, 2005

I have a White Jeep in my possession . . .

My new caches finally got approved late last night. Chuy and Cegrube were FTF in the dark just after midnight. Later in the day, T.R. Violin hiked up there and left a White Jeep in "Lyons Peak View." What to do? What to do? After all the hiking I did Friday, and yesterday, I wondered about being able to hike up there, but I didn't let the "You-can't-do-it" voice have any power. I turned off the computer, changed in to my hiking clothes, and took off.

I hiked up the hills as fast as I could and once I got on the main trail, saw someone in front of me. At first I worried it was another Geocacher and there was going to be a sprint between the two of us over the last 300 feet up that steep rocky trail to the cache, but it wasn't. It was just someone out walking their little dog . . . off a leash. Very brave I thought. The dog was just about the size coyotes prefer for lunch or dinner.

After I got the jeep out of the cache, I took some pictures of it with the other Travel Bug that is still residing in the cache, "Masked Cacher Chris."

Then I took a few pictures of it trying to get Lyons Peak in the background.

And then I took a picture of it with some of the pale Nolina plants in the background.

Such silliness over a little toy . . .

And speaking of toys, I took a picture of the shelf above my computer monitor with some of the toys and trinkets I have retrieved from caches.

And, then I took a picture of my two new cammo-painted ammo cans, along with a bunch of stuff I bought at the 99-Cent store, a Thrift Store, and a garage sale last Saturday.

Maybe I'll fill up one of those containers and find a very cool, remote place for a cache, and give the White Jeep a send off in another brand new cache. It would also be nice to leave the jeep in Lawson #4 . . . if we are able to make that hike sometime soon.

Did I mention this is a serious addiction . . . ?


  • I was surfing looking for other cachers that blog. Looks like you do a great job. Also looks like you are getting close to 1000 finds. Did you know that over 1000 cachers have found at least 1000 caches. That event just happened this week. I wrote about in my blog.

    By Blogger jestjuggle, at 6:44 PM  

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