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Friday, November 11, 2005

Team Gecko found my new cache. It was his 2200th find

And FlagMan noticed that Don's 2200th find was at 2200 feet of elevation. He wrote a short log in the morning and then "fleshed it out" tonight.

I'm glad he chose my cache to be a milestone cache. He liked the container also . . . a cammo-painted tin I probably got at a Thrift Store. I'm glad that sort of container is acceptable . . . but then it is made of the same stuff as all those Altoids tin caches . . . only mine has some "size to it."

7:10 am.
It isn’t very often a cache goes unfound for a couple of days so close to our home coordinates. Guess the dark, drizzly conditions kept saner cachers indoors this morning. Since the Iron Mountain trails represent some of my long-time favorite running routes, it was an easy choice to head up here for a sunrise workout on this Veteran’s Day holiday. Distance from Ellie Lane trailhead is a bit less than 1 1/2 miles on the popular Table Rock route. Cache is well hidden but coordinates were spot on for a quick find. Not likely to be muggled from this hidey hole. FTF. Left a TG card, a sky blue lizard, and a friendship bead bracelet and a glass heart. Took Band-Aids/pocket dispenser to add to my running kit. After closing up the container, misty clouds rolled through, reducing visibility and creating a surreal atmosphere.

Rather than run the whole Ramona Point-Iron Mountain Summit loop, I cut back to take the new crossover trail by the old homestead and out to the highway by way of Brownies on the Move. The eucalyptus grove has nearly taken over the homestead grounds since I last poked around in there shortly after the Cedar Fire. Total loop distance this way is only 3 1/2 miles versus the 8+ miles the usual way around. That allowed me to get home in time for a breakfast date before we headed to see the USS Midway for our Veterans Day commemoration. Thanks for the hide.
-Gecko Dad


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