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Musings about Geocaching

Monday, January 16, 2006

Not too many caches, but lots of great pictures

On our caching adventure yesterday, I only logged four cache finds, although P.T. found a few more when we went to ones I had already found.

The first place we headed was up to the Pamo Valley to get some of the new, limited-edition, Bikedog Memorial Cards that FlagMan placed in some Bikedog caches.

Bikedog was a long-time San Diego area cacher who was killed in a motorcycle accident January 12.

The view down into the Pamo Valley on our way down from "High Above the Almond Ranch."

Another view of the valley and the fabulous clouds.

Hard to believe there is this much nearly-untouched land anywhere in San Diego County.

A peak shaded by overhead clouds.

The view as we came out from the tunnel exit for "The Reverend Henry Kane."

The "sandy creek" at "IHO: SD Rowdies."


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