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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Picture Rock campground was a great place to camp

I started my day outside Bluff, Utah. That is a long way from San Diego. Maybe if I had made better time during the day, by not stopping to take pictures every half mile in beautiful, gorgeous, stupendous, astounding, unbelievable Monument Valley, and by not stopping to look for some caches, I could have made the drive home to San Diego County in one day. But I had stopped to take pictures every half mile in Monument Valley, and I had stopped to find some caches, and now I was many, many miles from home and the sun was getting very low in the sky.

I had no idea what I was going to do . . .

As I drove west on I-8, I saw the sign for Painted Rock Road. During my drive east ten days earlier, I remembered there was a cache called "Painted Rock." The Interstate sign indicated camping, so I exited the Interstate and drove the several miles to the well-equipped, nearly-deserted BLM campground. I set up my tent on the lee side of my car since the wind was blowing.

The next morning I walked over to the cache from the campground. After finding the cache, I walked around the "painted rocks," which are not technically painted. The designs are "etched" into the rocks.

It was going to be another hot day, probably with very few clouds, but in the early morning there were some wisps of clouds to add an accent to the rock formation.

After walking all around the trail, and taking several pictures, I finally headed back to the Interstate, stopping to take a few pictures of the scenery along the way.

A lone saguaro stood like a sentinel surveying the surrounding desert.

After I got back on the Interstate, I didn't stop again until I arrived at Yuma and headed over to find "Surprise in the Desert." What a wonderful surprise to find a real, honest-to-goodness money tree out there in the desert.

There was also another fun tree with birthday ribbons, horns, and bows tied onto it.

I wrote in the log that I almost got my car stuck on the short drive over to the cache . . . too bad I didn't stop there instead of trying to drive further towards another cache, because I did get my car stuck.

The track through the field didn't look like it went over bottomless sand, but that is what it is if you slow down and lose momentum . . .


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