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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Second week in a row for the Silver Strand

Once again, I got to go caching with "lostguy", and this time Auld Pro was able to join us. We met up at our "usual" place in Spring Valley. I was a little bit late since I turned off the alarm and fell right back to sleep for another 45 minutes . . .

"lostguy" offered a GPS battery cover and bike mount to Auld Pro, but the cover wouldn't work on his Legend HCx. It would work on my Legend C, so I put it on the GPSr and installed the bike mount on the bike. I hope I thanked "lostguy" enough for that. It worked much better than the alternate method I used the other day while on the ride with fisnjack.

After a few more preparations, including inflating the bike tires to their proper pressure, we headed for Imperial Beach and the Silver Strand bike path. Auld Pro had not been in the area for a year, so he had to find most of the caches I found last week. He got the first one easily, after some pointed hints from "lostguy". At the second cache, we weren't going to give any hints, so "lostguy" and I got to laugh at Auld Pro as he struggled to locate Jahoadi's "Doing Team Duckit's Work?"

When we made it to Coronado, we walked our bikes to "Long Skinny Fingers" where Auld Pro used a "tool" to extract the elusive cache container . . . and a second, replacement container. After signing both logs and returning the containers to their hiding place, Auld Pro left the "tool" behind in case a future cacher needs it.

Following the same route "lostguy" and I took last Sunday, the three of us rode down the bike path, under the Coronado bridge, and on to a cache called "Rock'n Rocks." Auld Pro had odd coordinates for that cache and we discovered he has been inadvertently moving the waypoints on the map screen of his GPSr. "lostguy's" teasing about "Operator Error" was just short of relentless after that . . .

When we started pedaling down one of the streets, I marveled at the unusual trees that grew in the median. They were in the Eucalyptus family and had smooth, flesh-colored trunks and branches. The gnarled branches made me think of old, arthritic arms and fingers.

After a DNF and a lifeline call from Jahoadi that helped us find another tricky cache, we were finished with the Geocaches, so we headed for the first waypoint of a Virtual Terracache placed by Travelita. The waypoint led us to a sign right on Coronado Beach, near the berms of sand that spell out C O R O N A D O B E A C H which can be seen from Google Earth.

On the way back down the bike path, "lostguy" slowed his speed for a little while and took a side trip so I could get a picture of the long-eared, black-tailed jack rabbits we saw last week. It was nice of him to go out of his way just so I could take pictures of these guys.

After that, on the way back to the vehicle, "lostguy" and Auld Pro left me in the dust, so I took that opportunity to stop and take a few pictures of the bird life. This egret was not far from Jahoadi's cleverly-cammoed "Doing Team Duckit's Work?" cache.

And not too much further down the bike path I saw this island of pelicans.

I really had a great day and appreciated "lostguy" doing all the extra driving again. I got to take more pictures today which still need to be edited and resized for uploading. I'll post them after I finish that task.


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