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Monday, January 23, 2006

Three days of caching all over the county

Thursday, the 19th, we went up to Mt. Laguna to another Bikedog cache and then found a cache that hadn't been found since last April, The Double D's,.

Here PT is walking along the PCT where it clings to the side of a very steep hill. The air was very clear so the views were fantastic.

The cache was located near these interesting rock formations.

The last cache of the day was "Kitchen Creek Monteverde #2" which was in a wonderful location across Kitchen Creek up a hill near some interesting cactus, one of which had been chewed by some critter, possibly a javalina, but I didn't know we had such animals around here, especially at that elevation.

Saturday I woke up really early, so I called TrailGators to tell him I would meet him at the trailhead for the Eagle Peak caches. I was so glad I went on that hike, which I thought I would be too tired to do after all the hiking on Thursday, because the day was so exceptionally clear I was able to get some pictures you just cannot get most of the time.

This tree, which was burned in the devastating fires of October 2003, was very interesting.

Sunday, I met P.T. and we took off to finally find the "Train Creek Cache," one that was a real adventure last summer, and a very disappointing DNF. This time it wasn't nearly as difficult to get to, and with a hint, we found the broken container which I replaced with a new Lock 'n Lock I got at the store on our way to the trailhead.

After not finding the "MusicCache92126," we found another cache in the canyon below that location and then we walked and walked around in the wash looking for a place to put my "TrailGator" cache. Boy, were we tired after walking on all those river rocks . . . and I didn't succeed in finding a place for the container afterall . . .

We ended the day finding a Let's Look Over Thayer cache that includes a wonderful story as the cache description: "Cache of Cammocles."

It was a great three days of caching and I made it over 1100 caches found, in fact I am at a very palindromic 1111 caches found right now . . . but who's counting.


  • Absolutely beautiful photos !! I wished I lived somewhere that scenic : ) Looks like you had a blast caching !


    By Blogger GPSOkie, at 5:49 PM  

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