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Musings about Geocaching

Monday, May 08, 2006

Almost a full week without caching

Because of the high price of gas here in San Diego County -- $3.42 per gallon and $.57 cents higher than a month ago -- I have only driven my car once since I returned from my fantastic road trip.

My memories of where I was a week ago have been sustaining me as I work at home setting up some eBay auctions so I can sell off some things to cover some of my travel expenses.

I have listed a Garmin Legend C in the Journey Pack, an item I ended up with because of a mixup in an order, and the Mapsource Topo maps, among other items.

I don't think I'll make enough money to pay for the new tires I had to buy before the trip, but maybe I can pay for the gas, and the towing bill for the misadventure last Tuesday . . . something I still have to write about in detail with the pictures of not just one stuck tow truck, but two stuck tow trucks . . .

I sure hope all of you are still able to get out and enjoy our wonderful activity, even in the face of these high gas prices.


  • My kids and I go caching when we can. I really hope to be able to take it further than my home town some day. I guess I have a budding obsession.

    By Blogger Kassi, at 5:53 PM  

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