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Musings about Geocaching

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I finally activated the TB tags I have had for months

I haven't had very good luck with my Travel Bugs. The very first one I put out, "Leapin' Lizzards," had a rocky start, and then after six months in a cache in the California Desert, he finally moved on. After more than a year, he is still out there, but he is my only success story

Another T.B. went missing when the person who had it in their possession moved . . . Presumably, it is in a yet-unpacked box somewhere in their house, but "Consistent Compass" hasn't reappeared yet.

The T.B. I released on my trip back from Reno last summer, "Mr. Moonlight McToy," went missing a few months ago. I have hopes he will reappear, but for now, he is in an "Unknown Location."

So . . . with that track record, I wasn't very anxious to activate these four TB tags I have had for several months, but something made me finally attach them to "characters" and get them ready to be released in the wild.

I now have "Bearly . . . There," "Big Bird/Little Bird," "Goofy over Cachin'," and "Miragee's Little Horse" all prepared for their journeys.


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