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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Two great hikes . . . and my first Terracache find

This time of the year, the sky might be blue, but there is a lot of haze because of the onshore flow of clouds and fog, so during the two wonderful hikes, I didn't take too many pictures.

Saturday I was with Drexotic, Blonds Run Amuck, Trailgators, Radio Racers, duganrm, and TFTC. After a week at home, it was very nice to be out to talk and socialize as we hiked to five of my caches, two of "lostguy"'s, and one of Chuy's caches.

We covered 5.4 miles in about three and a half hours.

Here is our group near one of "lostguy"'s caches. That is Lyons Peak in the background.

Today, we climbed Mt. McGinty. It is quite a climb, the trail is steep and very eroded in places. You have to be very careful during hike, and having a walking stick is almost a necessity. We only walked 4.9 miles, but because of the steep climb, it felt like a lot more distance.

Here is our group on the top.

After the group found the "No Hinty on McGinty" cache on the top, we headed over to the Terracache. The numbers were right on and I spotted it in its hiding place as soon as I got close to GZ.

Whoopee! My very first Terracache!

On our way back down the mountain, after stopping at all ten of my caches, we saw this rosy boa on the trail.

The amazing thing about this sighting was the way the snake appeared. As the girls walked by, this "ball" of snake rolled down the embankment and into the middle of the trail. The "ball" stayed there for a while, very, very slowly uncoiling itself and finally, very slowly moving back off the trail and back up the embankment.

At the bottom, we found our way over to the "Peg Leg Mine Mine Mine" cache. The GPSrs were leading my companions away from the cache, so I gave them a bit of a hint, since it is very well hidden. When I found the cache last year, I spent a good 20 minutes looking for it since my GPSr said GZ was about 20 feet away to the NNW.

After signing the log, we started back down and suddenly I heard the unmistakable sound of a rattlesnake. This time, I stopped immediately and got out my camera. The snake was quickly moving away, but I got a couple of pictures of the four-foot long, very healthy-looking snake.

It was a wonderful couple of days, even though I only found one Puzzle cache, with duganrm's help, as usual, and the single Terracache.


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