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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wheeeeeuuuu . . . a very fun, very long bike ride

"lostguy" was going on a cache hiding spree up in the Lagunas and he invited me to join him. He picked me up near my house at 7:00 in the morning and we drove up Sunrise Highway, stopping at a parking area well south of the peak near a trail he had ridden before.

The day was overcast, and the temperature was perfect for our ride. At the beginning, we rode along the old paved roadbed, but finally we turned down a narrow mountain bike trail and bounced along the narrow rocky trail. At one point, we went through a field with tall mustard plants slapping our legs as we coasted along.

There were only a few caches along our route, one of which was "Weekend Retreat," hidden near this "establishment."

I didn't have the coordinates in my GPSr because Chuy! and the gang had DNFd it on their recent trip to the area, but "lostguy" had the coordinates and didn't have any trouble finding the ammo can while I was reading about the cache in my Palm. The cache was planted in September 2007, but didn't go active until this June. Turns out the caches owners lost the coordinates after their trip last fall.

We found two other caches, including one placed by the bradybunchboys that had only been found one time since it was placed a couple of months ago. After one exciting section of the trail where we descended into the valley where the trail to my "Champagne Summit Redux" cache is, "lostguy" was very kind to trade bikes with me and push my very heavy bike up the steep hill, allowing me to push his nice, light, Specialized Stumpjumper up that hill. That was very generous of him.

Before we got back to the truck, we covered more than 23 miles, 12 of those on trails, 11 more on the highway where "lostguy" got his bike up to 39 miles an hour. That was fun, but as we pedaled along the road, I wondered when we were going to finally get to coast downhill instead of having to pedal, pedal, pedal.

Here is the Profile of our day.

I had a great time, but didn't take very many pictures, so I can't remember the details of the day . . . Actually, I'll try to include more details later after I return from my weekend backpacking trip.


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