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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another trip out Barber Road for a FTF

Gecko Dad snuck out Barber Road a couple of weeks ago to get the FTF on Akop&Fam's Elena Mountain Terracache and while he was there, he hiked to the top of Barber Mountain and placed another Terracache. I think the density of Terracaches out that way is greater than any other place in the county.

It was a nice day, with a cool breeze when my friend and I, along with her two dogs, set out walking up the mile-long hill at the beginning of the trail. I had my bike with me so I could ride the remainder of the trail after my friend turned around to take the two hot and tired dogs back to her truck.

I was riding my new, lighter mountain bike, a Jamis Dakar, and it was fun. I still need much more practice to feel comfortable taking the bumps at a faster pace. At the sloping ridge to the peak, I hid my bike, not far from my "Dehydration" cache. The nearly half mile walk was easy because the hill was almost completely denuded of vegetation by the fire of last October. Because of that, I didn't get as black and dirty as I did getting up to the Elena Mountain Terracache.

This was my destination.

And this was the Profile of my trek:

Near the top, there were interesting piles of small rocks that were the reason for the name of the Terracache, "Druid Dreams on Barber Mountain."

As usual, Gecko Dad's coordinates were absolutely perfect. It is really great to arrive at GZ, look down, and see the hiding place. I could tell it had been a while since the container was placed because I encountered cobwebs as I reached for the rocks covering the small lock 'n lock container.

After signing the log, I took a few more pictures of the interesting rock piles and then walked back down to my bike. I still can't believe it took me two years to discover this incredible trail that offers such fun recreation only three and a half miles from my house.


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