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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great mountain bike ride with "lostguy" and Jahoadi

In contrast to the last time "lostguy" and I came up here, this day was clear, and if not for the cool breeze, it would have been very hot by the time we completed our 20-mile tour of Mt. Laguna all the way to Pioneer Mail and back.

We got an early start. The sun was just coming up as we got down into the first valley.

The first cache I found was a new one placed by teamgardukes. There has been a cache thief in the area removing his caches and I hope the cammo for this one allows it to stay in place.

Shortly after finding this cache, I lost my companions. Since I was so slow and lagging behind, I thought they were ahead of me, so I just kept pedaling along, enjoying the cool morning air and the smell of the pines. Finally, I ran into another couple we had seen earlier and they said they had not seen "lostguy" or Jahoadi. Uh Oh! How did I lose them?

As we were talking, my companions appeared on the trail. "lostguy" went looking for me after they found a cache that was off the trail, one I didn't know they were going to look for.

After that, I tried to stay closer, although both of them are much better riders than I am, so at times that was a bit risky for me . . .

I didn't get to take very many pictures since any time we stopped, "lostguy" would say, "We're burnin' daylight." I did get a few more before we returned to the truck after our 20-mile ride.

Before heading down a long hill, this view of Long Valley Peak opens up.

After getting down into the valley, we had to push our bikes and once again, "lostguy" was kind to push my heavy bike while I pushed his lightweigh Stumpjumper.

Near the Pioneer Mail area, we found a couple of caches by Hammer Stone, including another one using a plastic owl as the container. I'm glad he is placing caches again since some of his were removed by someone several months ago, including one that used a different large owl as the "cammo."

On our way back to the truck, we ran into Chuy! and Ginger!. They had beaten us to the FTFs on some of the caches earlier in the morning because they started at the other end of the trail.

Here is the profile of my 20-mile ride:

The entire day was great fun and I can't wait for another opportunity to get out on my mountain bike and go exploring on a singletrack.


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