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Musings about Geocaching

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Lawson Series experience

Outside it was gray and overcast. Inside, I had a good book I couldn't put down. So I read until I finished it. After that, I had no valid excuse to stay inside when there were four caches, not too far from my house, that needed to be found. So at about 1:00 in the afternoon, I finally got on the search.

I put the waypoint for Lawson #1 into my GPSr incorrectly, so it was Lawson #2 I found first. Then it was on to Lawson #3. What a long, steep slog that is up that rough four-wheel drive road. Only the presence of two caches further up that road would have kept me going.

Finally, I reached a place where the road actually leveled out, and even went downhill a bit. What a wonderful relief for my tired legs. Following the arrow on the GPSr, I found Lawson #3 where I traded for a small tape measure.

Since Lawson #4 was less than .12 miles away, I started out for it, checking the distance frequently on the GPSr. When the distance was only 546 feet away, the arrow turned and pointed up a narrow trail. At that point, it never crossed my mind that I should check the cache description on my "Palmie." I kept walking while the trail started getting steeper and narrower. At one point, I had to take off my fanny pack to crawl through a hole beneath a couple of tumbled boulders.

After that the trail went right, or did it go to the left? I turned right and ended up at the point of the arrow in this picture:

At some point, prudence prevailed. I stopped my wanderings, and at that point thought to read the description--which clearly states this is a cache with very difficult terrain, and one that shouldn't be attempted alone. And here I am, all alone, in a remote location where no one knows I have gone, and I don't have a cell phone.

So, I reluctantly decided to turn around. Just after starting down, the sun popped out from beneath the overcast, so I willed my tired legs to take me back up so I could get some pictures of the fog and mist as it started rolling in.

Lawson Peak in the sunset lit mist

The view off to the east

Sunlight on the boulders of Lawson Peak

I stumbled down the darkening trail and finally got back to the car just minutes before it would have been impossible to see without a flashlight or headlamp, neither of which were with me that day, but both of which went into my fanny pack after this experience.

Less than ten minutes later, I was home, tired and physically drained. I had overdone it that day, but at the time, the excitement of looking for the caches kept me from recognizing my physical limitations.


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