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Musings about Geocaching

Friday, May 04, 2007

My new Keen People maps

Here is a map of my owned caches:

and the caches I have found in this area:

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Awesome is the only word for our new cache locations

CTYankee9 and fisnjack started the day very early, hiking down towards "Ghost Corral" to find Harmon's new cache, and three of my new caches in that area, including my 100th cache placement, "Take a Stroll to the Knoll," which features a view of both Lawson Peak and Gaskill Peak.

After finishing that nearly five-mile trek, they hiked the horse trail on the west side of Lyons Valley Road to get my new caches over there, including one of my favorite hides, "Slickrock Fun." I arrived at the parking for Horsethief Canyon just as they were descending the trail. While they ate some of the strawberries I brought, I grabbed all the stuff I needed from my car and the four of us, Teddie the dog, and us humans, piled into the little Mitsubishi Eclipse for the trip to the trailhead for the Carveacre Wind Caves.

The first thing I did there was place a cache to mark the parking. I called it "And so the adventure begins . . . ." Then, after loading our packs with snacks, water, and caches, lots of caches, we started out on that funny, winding little trail towards "Ouch, That Musta Hurt."

It was a beautiful day, hazy sun with a cool breeze, near perfect conditions for the long hike, even if the haze wasn't perfect for photography. At "Arachnophobes Not Invited," I put the "injured" arachnid into a container so it won't get chewed any more. Then, off we went, with that waypoint in our GPSrs so we would get at least .1 away before putting down another cache. As we hiked, we saw several likely locations and instead of putting the caches out on our hike out, we marked the locations with the intention of putting the caches in the best locations on the way back.

These are just some of the pictures I took:

This last picture is a collage of images from our journey. I put it on the cache page for the very first cache, "And so the adventure begins . . . "

All together, we placed twelve caches, spaced nicely along the trail where the slickrock openings offered incredible views through the awesome scenery all the way from the Carveacre Windcaves to the Gaskill Peak trail.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A FTF, two STF, one TTF, and three more caches . . .

CTYankee and I had planned a trip up to the Carveacre Windcaves today, but when I met him at "Holey Poley," along Japatul Road, it was foggy and even raining a bit. I suggested we head over to Horsethief Canyon to go for the FTFs. Since fisnjack wasn't at the meeting place, and since he is always on time, we thought he decided not to join us.

As we started off towards, "Mysterious Quartz Rock," it was raining a bit, and the usually great views were shrouded in mist. After the half-mile hike, we found the cache easily and then started down into the canyon to find "Cache at the 'Y'." I spotted it and CTYankee grabbed it and took out the log. He was surprised to see fisnjack's name in the log . . .

We yelled for him and he hollered back. He was on his way to "Way Out Kitty," and had already gotten the other two FTFs . . . I guess that made up for us leaving him behind. Sorry, fisnjack.

CTYankee had an appointment, and as long as I was halfway there, I wanted to get T.R. Violin's new Terracache at the top of the pointy peak that can be seen from all over the Horsethief Canyon area.

So, up the trail fisnjack and I trudged, in the light rain, with occasional strikes of lighting in the distance.

The view from the top was worth the hike.

From the other side, this is what it looked like looking down, down, down.

This is what the profile looks like of the hike up from the bottom of the valley near the "Y" of the trail.

I don't know if he planned it that way or not, to pick a cache other than a lamppost micro, but my cache, "Elevation 3000," turned out to be Marko Ramius's 10,000th cache Approval and that fact was announced in the Forums . . . so lots of people got to see my cache page.

There were so many flowers blooming in the canyon, and fisnjack and I kept stopping to take pictures, we didn't think we were ever going to get out of there that day . . .

I have more flower pictures to post and hope to get around to that later.

Monday, April 30, 2007

A little adventure in another part of the county

At the Park 'n Ride in La Mesa, I met CTYankee9 at 6:00 in the morning. I am not a morning person . . . that was about three hours earlier than I can usually function, but I really wanted to cache in a different part of the county, and CTYankee9 was driving.

We beat the traffic on the freeways and got to Escondido and SEPTICTANKHANK's house in good time. It was still overcast from a deep marine layer when we set out to find our first caches. The first couple were fairly easy, but then we attempted the waypoints for "Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead," a Dan-Oh cache, and even though I had done this cache before, nearly two years ago, I was no help at all. I think we wasted almost an hour going on some wild-goose chases and ending up in wrong places, including one place where SEPTICTANKHANK found a bee hive.

We finally gave up on that and headed for one trailhead for the Daley Ranch. It started to clear up when we arrived at the parking lot, but it was still so hazy, I didn't take too many pictures during our six mile hike.

SEPTICTANKHANK placed one cache along the trail in a neat viewpoint area.

In another location, we saw several Western Fence Lizards and I got a picture of this guy showing his colors.

I also got a picture of this interesting flower.

We started back early to avoid the traffic on I-15 and 52, so I was able to get some shopping done before heading back up the hill. I really had a fun time and it was great to meet another cacher I had only communicated with through email before.


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