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Musings about Geocaching

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Whoo Boy, there was a pretty big earthquake this evening

Two great days of caching in Poway and Escondido

One of our first stops was a wonderful park where we did a short Multi-cache by Parsa. He had just restocked the cache, so it was full of "Lorenzo's Gold."

From there we found another cache that was near this most amazing sculpture garden. I had seen a special on our local PBS station about this woman's sculpture, but I had never seen her works up close.


Too bad her creative, energetic life was cut short by illness caused by working with ceramics for years and years without using a respirator or dust mask.

After taking lots of pictures here, we attempted a Dan-oh multi-cache. We found the first waypoint, but had no luck finding the second one after quite a long time of searching.

From there we went on to look for a couple of other wonderfully creative and cammoed Dan-oh caches. Two of the great ones are "Urban Legends I - Choking Doberman" and "Urban Legends II - The Scooped Diver."

Another one of his Urban Legend caches that was based on the story of the Alligators in the sewers of New York had to be archived when the creature that held the cache scared a cacher so much that he dropped it into the sewer.

Toward the end of a long day, we had a three of DNFs. One had poor coordinates and a vague clue. The other one might be a clever hide, but those coordinates were also bad. We used some from a previous log to narrow down our search, although I expanded my search considerably, but we still didn't find it. The third one is apparently there, but it was in a very public, muggle-full location. If we get back there, I have a good hint now from the cache owner.

One cache that was almost a DNF was near this sign . . .

All I could say when I saw that was "Huh?" This is Southern California. "Icy?" Oh well . . .

Another DNF we had was at the "Trickery Tree." We were definitely having tricks played on us there. There was a homeless encampment there, but no one had been around for a while, so we tried to find the cache. Instead, we found an unopened Altoids tin in a ziplock bag with a note on the top that said, "Congrats, You found it. Signed Geotherm." The second time for me to say, "Huh?"

One of the last caches of the day was a lame micro near another homeless encampment next to a very noisy freeway. I'm not sure why that one was placed there . . .

Wednesday there were some brand new caches we decided to go after. There was little chance we would be FTF, but we were close on one where the coordinates were off by 80 feet.

I got to see a really wonderful old church in Poway that I wouldn't have known about if it hadn't been for Geocaching.

Later in the day we went to the Bernardo Winery and the Orfila winery. I'll post some pictures from those locations later on.

It was a great two days of caching and I'm already up to 641 caches found.

Monday, August 29, 2005

No Internet access this morning

It was going to be another very hot day, so as usual, I was going to log on to the Internet, participate in the Forums, read my comics, and check the news. Today in particular, I wanted to see about the Hurricane.

But, what's this? I can't get online. I try several times, but all I hear is something odd through the external modem. Finally, I try to call a friend, and I can't even call her. I get a recording saying that my phone has been disconnected. DISCONNECTED?!

So, I call SBC, my local phone company. I didn't owe them any money, so that wasn't why my phone had been disconnected. They connect me to repair and I listen to their "Voice Mail Jail" for many minutes before finally getting a technician. The first woman I spoke to tested the line and said it was fine.

So, I tried to make calls again and then called back 611, using the '0,0,0,0,' shortcut to get through to a technician. This woman checked more things on my line and said there was a problem on their end that they could fix in three to four hours.

After talking to her, since she said it had something to do with my Local Toll and Lond Distance Provider, I called them. The Customer Service Representative said that I had more than 6000 minutes of local toll calls on my phone and owed them more than $300.00!

Eeeeek! Somehow, SBC had given them the wrong number for me . . . or so they said, so all my local calls were being billed as toll calls.

After three hours on the phone, which included a three-way conference call, it got ironed out. SBC is going to pay the bill, because it was an error on their part. However, I really blame my Local and Long Distance provider because they could have notified me two weeks earlier, when my account suddenly showed such odd activity.

After the last call, I was able to get online to select my PQs to receive for tomorrow's caching trip. It will be good to get out of the house and into cooler territory closer to the coast.


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